StarKid Presents '1Night 2Last 3Ever' Comedy Show DVD

After their success this spring with Airport For Birds, Team StarKid is BACK­­ at UP Comedy Club with all new material. Known for creating heartfelt parody musicals for YouTube, Team StarKid now brings you a sketch show with a bit of Pop-Nostalgia, featuring that classic boy-band, 3Ever! There are enough laughs as a Fruit-by-the-Foot is long (approximately 90 minutes)! So grab your Skip-It, pack a lunch, and join us at The Second City’s UP Comedy Club for 1Night 2Last 3Ever.

DVD includes special feature in depth analysis of the merits of Daniel Strauss' mustache. Contributing opposing viewpoints are Daniel Strauss and Brian Holden

Jeff Blim, Denise Donovan, Lauren Lopez, Pat Rourke, Meredith Stepien, Daniel Strauss and Joseph Walker

Directed by
Brian Holden

Music Direction
Nick Gage

Lighting Design
Sarah Petty

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